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Health — September 3, 2012 at 2:00 pm

The Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is Breakfast. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times from your mother and father half an hour before school. Most of us, not just children, tend to skip breakfast and move one with the daily activities. A single glass of orange is cannot replace an entire meal. Very often, people are still sleepy the next hour after getting out of bed, and the metabolism in this condition fails to deliver the message of food supply to the brain. No matter how “not hungry” you feel – have breakfast; here is how it can benefit your body and health.

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1. A healthy breakfast fills the body with morning energy.

Its quite logical – if you fill the car-tank with fuel it will work. The body “works” the same way, only with food. Eating a healthy meal in the morning will provide the body with healthy nutritions which will prevent yawning in the middle of the day and will prevent fatigue.

2. Benefits for Adults.

When having breakfast before going to the office, the nutritients will provide the body with vitamins and minerals;
– body weight is put under control, since your daily activities will burn all the bad fat and calories;
– concentration at work will be on high level – no yawning behind the boss or at meetings;
– Few fats and cholesterols will be included – low cholesterol level means less heart failure chances

3. Benefits for Children.

Breakfast is very important, especially for children and teenagers. At their age, their body is in the process of constant change and growth. Supplying those body changes with healthy food at the beginning of the day will provide high immune levels and proper development.
– The breakfast will provide the body with its daily nutritions:
– High level of concentration during school:
– High levels of coordination:
– Creativity and physical activities will be more effective and less exhausting:

The basics for a healthy breakfast is the following:
– Corn flex with warm or cold milk, tost, muesli and etc.
– Low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, low-fat milk and cheese.
– Proteins with low fats such as hard boiled eggs, peanut butter and chicken meat
– Fruit and Vegetables – never forget this combination. Fresh or frozen, the fruits are the number pone supplier of vitamins and minerals.

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