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Fitness — September 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Sprint to lose Fat Faster

Running is the best way to lose fat faster. The benefit from a normal jog is increased metabolism, which lasts a short period after you done your running mileage. However, sprinting not only increases the speed of running, but it also increases the amount of burned calories after the activity. It is quite logical considering the fact that sprinting tends to be harder than running. The combination of running and sprinting is an ultimate fat burner.


The great thing about sprinting is not only does it speed the running activity, but it also speeds up the metabolism. With regular sprint exercises, the fast metabolism will burn more calories and strengthen your leg muscles. Hamstrings get the best out of springing, to be exact.

It is not that difficult to sprint. When your goal is to burn more calories, don’t bother with how much time you took to sprint 50 m. It is fun to keep track on your progress, few seconds off-pace won’t burn less fat. So, to start sprinting, make your finish line from 50 to 100 meters. Make about 10 sprint sessions by covering 50 to 100 meters of track, and after each session walk twice the distance.
NOTE: Never stop in an instant after every sprint session; keep moving until your heart beats are normal.

The arms play a big role in sprinting. With proper arm movements, sprinting is a lot faster and easier. Shoulders should be the ones doing the swing of the arms in front of you. Proper balance between every swing and sprint step makes sure that the entire body is involved into sprinting (not just the legs). While sprinting, it is natural to lean the body a bit forward (around 4-6 degrees). The lean comes from the ground, not the waist.

Never run with your toes, use the entire foot to run. Running on toes will result in less stability and low power of running. It is important to maintain a good stride length. A good stride length is when ever step in the sprint doesn’t end up in front of the center of gravity (the waist). Every sprint step placed too up front will result in less speed.


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