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Excersise advices, Fitness — September 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm

How to Improve your Repetitions

Sets and Repetitions are not simple as they look. When exercising, people often make the repetitions “just to make them”; they go through all of them just so the exercise is complete. That kind of workout is not effective. A full workout with proper conduct repetitions is a 100% effective workout. Exercises require concentration which is used by the repetitions. Here are few tips on how to improve your repetitions and make them work at full throttle.

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Quite simple – don’t think about the next exercise, how difficult it is, how much you got left for today … just concentrate on the repetitions and count them in normal rhythm. Closing your eyes helps that concentration and makes any exercise with full count of repetitions.

2.Stretch a bit before the set.
Stretching is essential before you start working out. A small muscle stretch after every repetition will help the muscles relax and get ready for the next set.

3.Inhale when the repetition is the easiest, exhale when the repetition is the hardest.
This is very important for the heart. When the body finds itself in a position to push, lift or pull heavy weights, the heart pumps more blood than usual. Proper breathing will set the heart in tone and prevent eventual chest pains. Lungs also benefit from proper inhale/exhale rhythm.

4.Visualize the movement, motivate yourself.
This is very much connected to concentration. Don’t rush into the repetitions; visualize the movement in your mind. Even if you are able to perform 2-3 repetitions of a certain exercise, make sure you are making them proper even in your mind. Motivation here benefits the most.

5.Follow the Program.
If the workout program you are following states you should do 12 repetitions in the fist set, don’t do extra 5 repetitions just because you feel you can. There is a reason why the first set is with more repetitions than the others. The body needs to preserve energy for the next sets; it if uses all its energy the first time, how it will be able to achieve the goals for the next sets or the next exercises?

6.Listen to Music.
Listening to your favorite song or song chorus when you are pausing between sets is always motivational. If you enter any gym right now, half of the athletes are definitely working out with their headphones on.

7.Workout with a friend.
Having a friend to help you with your heavy sets is always welcomed. That small push of the barbell on the bench press is an essential starter for higher achievements in the training sessions to come. Not only will the help you lift the barbell with a small push, but they can motivate you by telling you “you can do this”, or “come one, just a little bit” and etc.

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