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Body Building — September 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Grip Power

The involvement of hand grip in exercising is important. Many weightlifters in the gym don’t notice the benefits of a proper grip placing more emphasis on abs, chest and arm muscles. Having a great hand grip means more arm power capable enough to assist when there are heavy sets on the way. Proper grip not only supplies extra power, it also delivers safe and proper repetitions whenever there is a barbell or dumbbell in hand. There are three types of hand grip: The Vice Grip, the Clutch Grip and the Pinch Grip; all of them deliver proper grip strength.

hand grip

The Vice Grip is best described in arm wrestling. The palm is used as a type of platform for gripping; the fingers and palms are only used to secure the object. You can also notice this grip when lifting the barbell on the bench press. The Clutch Grip is the most common one – all the fingers and the entire palm is used in this grip. This grip is mostly used when grabbing a barbell to do a bicep curl or when a baseball player grabs the baseball bat. The Pinch Grip uses the fingers and thumbs; it is used in a situation when you want to take a weight plate off the ground (or weight rack) and place it on the barbell.

All of these three grips are involved in strengthening the forearm. People often ignore to exercise this part of the body, giving it less importance the other arm muscles. As mentioned before, the grip plays an important role in exercising, especially when it comes to heavy lifting. Securing the barbell or dumbbell in the palm makes sure off proper repetitions and no margin for error.

There are sweaty palms situations that occur when exercising. To solve this problem and avoid weak grip use a towel. Whenever you feel sweaty palms, tie a towel around the barbell or dumbbell before grabbing it. This will deliver full grip and will also put the forearm muscles in motion; secure the grip and exercise it at the same time.

Pull ups are known for their slippery. Even though this exercise is hard to perform, sweaty palms and slippery bar can put you in a position to hang on the fingers and make them do all the work. Simply, roughly tie a towel around the pull up bar and grip will be at its fullest with no slip alerts at all.

A pair of Gripper can make a difference when watching TV, but not too much. Remember that exercising the same thing over and over aging leads to monotony. Muscles and strength don’t like to do only one exercise. Exercising with Grippers is great, no doubt, but make sure you do other forearm exercises as well.

One last important thing about the hand grip is their overtraining. Overtraining the hand grip will result in muscle fatigue and less grip power in other exercises. Try not to overstrain them or there won’t be enough power in the arms to lift a single 5kg dumbbell.

hand grip

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