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Health — August 17, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Taller Body Has Less Chances Of Heart Failure

Shifting a bit form weight lifting, pushups and squats – let’s look into a research and finish it with a one hypothesis.

A study of 22.000 doctors in US showed that people who taller have lesser chance of heart failure. The research was done on male doctors who are in the mid 50’s, 6’0” and taller, with the research spanning for 20 years. The result form 22.000 doctors were 1.444 doctors with heart failure.

Now, these numbers will vary if the same research is done in another country to other 22.000 doctors, but who has the time to wait another 20 years for the results. Heart failures are common in tall and shorter people (depend how you see a tall and short man).

basketball player

The point of the matter is that no human is immune to heart failure; these things happen, weather you are cautious enough or not.

One of the things taken into consideration to these 22.000 doctors was the fact that they had different childhood, different backgrounds. Their health in growing up is different. Some had poor some had rich diet when growing up; some were sport-active some were not and etc. So, when you look at it, why the research and what the results prove actually?

There is no proof that higher inches will save you from a heart attack, but a hypothesis will state here that the higher the body, the larger the working-space of the heart will be. With enough space for the heart to function, the blood vessels and heart arteries will work just fine.

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