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Excersise advices — August 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Leg Workout: Single Leg DeadLift

The most important thing about dead lifts is that the lifted weight is never above your waist. No matter whether you are using a dumbbell or barbell, the weight never reaches above your waist. The Single Leg Dead Lift is great for powering the leg muscles; giving them more flexibility and also improving balance. Here is how to perform it.

single leg deadlift

Standing straight, bend forward with a straight back and move your arms in front of you. While you move forward, extend one leg backward. The climax of the single leg dead lift is the straight back and the extended leg making a horizontal line along with hands touching the floor. From here return to initial and start another repetition with the other leg; or you can divide the set’s repetitions – half with one leg, half with the other.

Inhale when you lower down and exhale when making the lift.

It is important to maintain straight back and knees all the time. Now, some beginners might be forced to bend the knees a little bit, or make an incomplete forward bend, but that’s ok. Once the exercise ‘kicks in’ the single leg dead lift will improve.

For intermediate or advanced athletes, the single leg dead lift can be performed with dumbbells or barbells. Make sure you don’t over react with it because it may lead to serious injuries on the waist.

single leg deadlift

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