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Excersise advices — August 1, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Killer Ab Workouts with a Stability Ball

The Stability Ball is an excellent assistant when it comes to ab workouts. You don’t have to spend all your ab workouts on the floor or on a workout machine, the stability ball offers a lot of exercises which are able to trigger the core muscles in a unique way; it is also capable of ‘waking up’ parts of the core muscles which other exercises are unable to do. A positivity of the Stability Ball is that you don’t have to go to the gym in order to use one, they can be purchased in almost all the sport/fitness stores and for a reasonable price you get ‘six-packs’ that last long time. Here are the killer ab workouts with a stability ball.

 stability ball

1. The Slide

With the Stability ball on the floor, position your body with abs touching the top of the ball and hands touching the ground (elbows straight). Now use your hands to move forward so that the ball reaches your thighs. From here, (hands touching the floor with elbows straight and the ball on your thighs) lower your upper body to the floor (not too low) and then push with your hands so that the ball will slide toward your abs and the legs will go backward in a straight line. The straight line is made with the abs. Make 3 sets with as much as repetitions as you can.

2. Stability Ball Squats

Stand near a wall with your back facing it, between the wall and your back place the stability ball. Stand with feet at shoulder length, place your hands on your waist and start making squats. The lowering reaches its limit when the knees reach a 90 degree angle. Start with 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions. Once you master these repetitions increase their number by 2-3.

stability ball

3. Squats with the Stability Ball over your head

This exercise is the same one as the classic Squat (shoulder length feet, straight back and lowering toward the floor until the knees reach 90 degrees). These ‘rules’ are the same here, only that you grab the stability ball with your hands and hold it above your head throughout the repetitions.

4. Stability Ball Plank-Roll
Make a Plank on the floor (hands touching the floor with straight elbows, straight back, straighten legs – the push up initial position), and place the stability ball on your knees. From here roll the ball toward your feet by bending only your waist (not your knees). This movement is performed by the abs. They are working full-time to maintain balance and produce the movement. 10-13 repetitions in each set (3 to be exact) will do the trick.

5. Pass the Ball

Lie on the floor with a straight back and place the stability ball between your feet. Now, using the abs, twist the upper body and lower body towards the center of your body so you can take the ball from the feet with both hands and return to initial position. The next repetitions, the hands should return the ball to the feet. Pass the ball 10 to 13 times in 1 set, 3 sets for the full exercise to be complete.

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