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Health — August 7, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Coffee Addicts

Many people will describe coffee as a magical drink. A drink dat share the same adjective with honey- nectar. We can’t say that it is unexplainable why people love coffee so much because almost elverybody consumates coffee and is aware of its effects. Coffee is the second most consumated liquid in the world, after water. Coffee is part of the human rae, it is part the enevitable part of everyday life, part of early mornings and afternoon breaks. You can’t imagine life without coffee.

Coffee is a drink that tends to speed things up in the body – like food digestion, blood flow and muscle reaction. It can als prevent things, such as sleep. The last part is the biggest reason people drink coffe.


Yes, coffee is the most consumated liquid that is able to postpone sleep for couple of hours or minutes, depending on the coffee intake. All of these effects of coffe can be positive to the body when coffe is consumated in normal levels. When drinking coffe comes out of hand the body starts having problems. Insomnia will be knocking on your door, trembeling hands and palms, stomach issues and etc. Drinking coffe is good, but try not to overreact.

Coffee addicts tend to be people who’s bodies can manage more than two cups of black coffee per day. From all the types of prepearing the coffee, black coffee tends to be the one that has the most strongest caffeine impact. People often add, cream, milk and sugar in oredr to mild the tast of coffee, but black coffe is nothing more than hot water and a considerable doasge of coffee. So, talking about and energy boost or late night movie marathon, black coffe will make sure you don’t fall a sleep way past bed time.

Another thing about coffe addicts is not only do they drink more coffee, just because they can, but because they do enjoy the taste of it. Having a cup of warm coffee in your hands in the middle of a rainy day, can be an optimistic spirit lifter. Many people turn to drinking coffee then they are sad, lonely, depresed; and do find comford. We mentioned that coffee speeds up blood flow and thus, brain activity as well. When brain activity speeds up, certain brain cells are activated and you start thinking more clearly.

Not only that, but there is something great and special in the taste of coffee. It’s taste is unexplainable; only can warm cup of coffee on a rainy day can tell you.


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