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Excersise advices — July 30, 2012 at 12:30 pm

30 Minute Workout Plan for Home

30 minutes is not a long time, for some things. When you come to think of it30 minutes can be a life time – for some other things. A famous scientist once said that if you sit with on a hot stove for 1 minute, it will see to you like it was an hour; but when you are in a company of a beautiful lady, one hour will look like 1 minute. Remember who that scientist was? So, the same thing is almost all the time. 30 minutes of quality workout at home can be “lifetime” of workout for the muscles.

There are a lot of workout exercises which you can perform in the comfort in your own home, and 30 minutes is enough time to make a workout plan for home. Look those 30 minutes like this – In 24 hours; you sleep approximately 7-8 hours (depending on the day or how much you are tired).

home workout

That leaves around 16 hours to spend the rest of your day. Work hours are approximately 7 (give or take a few minutes).
So, with a rough estimation, you have around 8 hours of free time. In those 8 hours, there is probably enough time for 30 minutes of workout. Let’s not use the word ‘probably;, but ‘definitely’

Before starting the 30 minute workout, warm up. You can stretch for 2-3 minutes; run around the block until your body starts to sweat, jump with a rope and etc. Warming up before exercising is very important. The blood starts to flow a bit faster so the muscles are getting ready for physical work, the lungs and heart start to adapt for harder breathing and probably most important – the joints, knees, ankles and elbows are all warmed up. When working out without pre warm up routine, the joints, knees, ankles and elbows are the first one to get injured. In proper sets and repetitions start to show their ‘results’ at those parts of the body.

In 30 minutes, you can perform 4 exercises for one single muscle group, or you can perform 3 exercises for one muscle group (a body muscle group), and 2 exercises for another muscle group (an extremity muscle group). Every exercise should have 3-4 sets with 12,10 and 8 repetitions. The repetitions may vary depending on your energy and power level. It all depends on you.
Here are the exercises you can use in those 30 minutes, in the comfort of your home.

Chest Exercises

Pushups, the Spider Pushups, the Punch Pushup and Dive-Bomber Pushup.
Try the Pushups Variations which will help in ‘waking up’ the entire chest muscle group. Also make use of the Pushups bars – their variations, and the 100 pushups program for entering the advanced level of workout.

Back Exercises
If you have a pull up bar in your back yard than don’t miss out on the Pull-Ups, they are the number one back exercise. On the floor you can do the Superman exercise and some Back-Strengthening exercises.

Leg Exercises
Glute Kickback, the Scissor Exercise, Calf Rises and Jump squats. You can perform these exercises in your home, the back yard and even in the park.

Abs Exercises
Gain the Six-Packs with Ab Crunches, The Double Crunch, V-Ups, Cross Mountain Climbers, Vertical Leg Rise, The Bicycle Crunch and Leg Rises.

 home workout

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