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Excersise advices — June 4, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Good Ab Workouts with Weights

There are few ab exercises, which with the help of dumbbells will increase the challenge of the workouts, ergo, increase the results. Six packs are not easy to build, but once they are there, they need to stay there. Performing the same ab exercises over and over again won’t do the job. The following exercises will introduce variety in your ab workout, deliver stronger results and will make sure those six packs remain intact. Make sure you check out the other ab workouts at the of this article.

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The following are good ab workouts with weights; you can use dumbbells or weight-plates(from the barbell sets). Whichever you see fit, make sure safety for you and around you is guaranteed.

One-Arm Dumbbell Swing

Stand up straight with feet a bit wider than shoulder length and bend your knees. Place a dumbbell between your legs and grab it with one hand. The movement of this exercise starts by swinging the dumbbell behind you (arm straight) than swinging it in front of you. Make this exercise with each hand, 15 to 20 repetitions.

Ab Workouts with Weights

Dumbbell Side Bend

Stand up straight, feet at shoulder length and grab a dumbbell (or a weight plate) in one arm. Now, bend to the side where you are holding the dumbbell. Once you reach 20 – 25 repetitions, do the same thing with the other arm. The trick of this exercise is the movement when the body is straightening up after every bend.

Ab Workouts with Weights

Dumbbell Rotation

This is the Russian Twist, but this time, instead of doing this exercise with a medicine ball, you perform it with one (or two) dumbbells in one hand. Sit on the floor with knees slightly bend, heels on the floor (heels in the air for advance level) and your torso about 45 degrees off the floor. In this position, move the dumbbell from one side to the other. Make 20 to 25 rotations

Ab Workouts with Weights

Dumbbell Crunch

A Classic Ab Crunches with dumbbells in your hand – Lie on the floor, knees bend, feet flat out on the floor, and the upper body also falt on the floor. ‘Hug’ a dumbbell with both arms and (grabbing it with the palms) place it above your head. Using your abs, move the upper body toward the knees without moving the feet off the floor. This is quite a challenging exercise so beginners are advised to experience other ab workouts before doing these. Around 20 repetitions with 3 sets are excellent.

Here are other ab workouts which will help you organize your ab workout plan.

The Double Crunch

Stability Ball Roll

V- Ups

Cross body Mountain Climbers

Vertical Leg Crunch

Exercise Ball Crunch

Captain’s Chair Leg Rise

The Bicycle Crunch

Hanging Knee Rise

Leg Rises

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