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Body Building, Excersise advices — June 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Chest Workouts

Having those six-packs is nothing without chiseled chest muscles to back them up, and vice versa. It is no coincidence that both of these muscle groups assist each other while exercising: the pushups require straight body, which cannot be done without the assist of ab muscles; working out the bench press also requires body stability when you are trying to lift heavy and etc. the following exercises are will lead you to the ‘promise land’ of great upper-body development and impressive chest muscles.

What all of the chest workouts have in common is that they require stable body posture, for which, the ab muscles provide assistance. Here is the beauty of these workouts – by working out your chest muscles; you trigger the ab muscles as well. So it is 2 workouts in one.


Chest workouts are body workouts, unlike hands and legs – so you will be able to lift higher levels of weights in comparison to the once you lift for biceps and triceps. Motivation should rise to its potential when you know that you are lifting 100kg in the first set of bench press with 8 repetitions – now that is not for underestimation.

The basic order of sets and repetitions are 3 sets with 12, 10 and 8 repetitions. You can maneuver by adding 1-2 repetitions in each set, or exclude, depending on the level, exercise or body stamina. Inhale-Exhale process is very important for the muscles and the heart – never forget to breathe properly.

Some Chest workouts require gym equipment, some don’t. No matter which you choose, exercises them properly and don’t stick to one just a couple of chest workouts or the body will not deliver results due to ‘boredom’. Switch exercises every 2-3 weeks.

Now, get down to work and pump those muscles for the summer. Here are they.

Classic Pushups

Incline Bench Press (barbell)

Bench Press

Incline Bench press (dumbbells)

Decline Bench Press

Straight-Arm pullover

Stability Ball Push Ups (with feet on the ball)

Chest Dips

The Spiderman Pushups

Medicine ball Push-ups

Dive-Bomber Pushup

The Punch Pushup

Push Up Bars

Standing Cable Crossover

Hammer Strength Machine

Dumbbell Flyes

Pec Deck Butterflies

Renegade Row

And here is something extra

Push-ups Variations

The 100 Pushups Program

Upper Body Workout in 3 days

5 Day Upper Body Workout Plan

Chest Workout Warm Up

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