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Excersise advices — May 31, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Decline Bench Abs Workout

The Decline Bench Press is one of those bench ab workouts that can be in a combination with other ab workouts, like the Russian Twist, and can its difficulty can be increased with dumbbells. First, learn how to use the decline bench properly for ab crunches, than challenge your abs further.

Decline Bench Abs

Sit on the decline bench with feet on the anchors and lie down. The goal is to lift your body up using your abdominal muscles. The upper ab muscles are the ones doing most of the work. Keep a straight back at all times when performing the crunches.
For starters, place your hands on your chest while crunching. With couple of practices, you will be able to perform the same amount of crunches with hands behind your head (considered as harder to do).

Aside from the normal ab crunch, you can do side ab crunches – instead of lifting you body in a straight forward way, twist one crunch to the left and one to the right – this will trigger the side ab muscles.

Also, the Russian Twists can be part of this. Position your body midway of a repetition, grab a dumbbell or a medicine ball, and perform the Russian twist ab exercise (move the dumbbell/medicine ball from one side to another).

Make 3 sets with 20 to 25 repetitions each. If this number of repetition is too much for you, than make each set with as much as you can repetition. Check out the Ab Workout Routine Plan for better performance and workout Discipline.

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Decline Bench Abs

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