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Excersise advices — May 30, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Chest Workout Warm Up

Warming Up before exercising is essential. Results depend a lot on pre-warm up and if you jump right onto workout, injuries are likely to happen. Pushups are great, bench press is a hardcore exercise, the dumbbell flies are an excellent chest-muscle stretcher and chest dips are the great finale. Here is how to warm up before a great chest workout.


First and foremost, run a little. Whether it is on a treadmill, in the park or on the beach; warm up the body’s blood circulation so the knees and joints won’t make a squeaking noise like old bolts. After reaching perfect workout-body heat, start stretching.

If in your daily chest workout program you don’t have pushups, then it is good to start off with a couple of pushups before you hit the bench press. The pushups will wake up the muscles and get them ready for the ultimate power input many people enjoy. The bench press achievement is an unofficial power signature to the body.

Pushups are not the only exercise for pre-bench press workout; you can also perform chest dips. Make them as much as you can in only one set.
After those single sets of pushups and chest dips, stretch out a little bit. Don’t get carried away with small talk in the gym with other people. There is a thin line between the warm up pushups/chest dips and the first set of bench press. Make sure you ‘don’t be too late’ for the first set of bench press.

Breathe with normal rhythm while exercising and keep your concentration and motivation on full mode. Motivate yourself while warming up for the chest workout exercises. Pushing them to the edge of their limits will deliver results and will get you motivated in the future, not just for chest workout, but for other muscle groups as well.


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