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Excersise advices — April 12, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Workout Journal

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Journals have their special goal in people’s lives. They are written because people have something to say, something that is private and its worthwhile reading it a couple of years forward in the future. Not many people write journals because they think its old fashion or just lame. But journals have proven that trustworthy.

When it comes to the workout journals, their goal is always positive and many reasons come to surface telling us why we should keep our own workout journal.

workout journal

Unlike the classic personal journal, this journal doesn’t have to be very private. You don’t have to hide it from everybody or keep it under a key, and can be always on your side whenever you workout. Here are a few reasons why should you keep a workout journal.

First and foremost, it documents everything you’ve been working on, which muscle groups, how many repetitions, how many sets, how long was your in-between pause, how long was your daily workout and etc. Comparing your weightlifting results from 2 months ago (for example) will boost your motivation because you will see for yourself that there is progress. You will also notice that you lost a couple of pounds even though muscles have increased in mass.

Second, it will bring you into discipline. If for some ‘laziness’ reason you’ve decided not to work out the way you should, the workout journal will be ‘disappointed’ Imagine looking at your results for the past week and all of a sudden the numbers are down because you felt lazy a little bit.

Third, the workout journal will be your personal reminder to change workouts. The body needs an exercise changes. If it workouts the same exercises over and over again, it will fail to deliver results.

There are many reasons why should you keep a workout journal. I’m sure you’ll find your own personal reason. If you are skeptic, at least give it a try for the first two weeks and keep track on your workout. The results in the workout journal will definitely give you a reason why should you continue having a workout journal.

Here are several examples of workout journals. Remember that you can create your own workout journal as you see fit.

workout journal

workout journal

workout journal

workout journal

workout journal

workout journal

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