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Body Building, Excersise advices, Fitness, Motivation — April 4, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Shoulder: Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This exercise tends to be quite interesting as it simulates flying. Not that people can fly, but at least we can benefit from the ‘flying motions’. Just for this reason some people consider the dumbbell lateral raise to be their best shoulder workout in the gym. Make sure you position your body in the gym (or at home) in a space where you won’t hit anything or anybody as a result of the movement. If you have long hands, than be extra careful; also do this exercise in front of the mirror, as you will be able to keep track on the proper movements. Here is how to perform it.

Shoulder Dumbbell Lateral Rise

Stand in front of a mirror with a straight back, slightly bended knees and a pair of dumbbells in your hands. The initial position is holding the dumbbells to the side of your legs. Now, without bending the elbows, move the dumbbells sideways with a circular motion until they are parallel to the floor; then return to initial position.

Feel free to assist the movements with your legs. The bended knees will provide that. Exhale when you lift and inhale when you lower the dumbbells.

It is no wonder that this exercise is many people’s best shoulder exercise at the gym. It gives proper shoulder workout as well as good motivation when you are looking the movements in the mirror.
Start the exercises with smaller dumbbells; heavy weights will overpower the shoulder muscles. Instead of a proper muscle movement, shoulders and the bones will ‘fight’ the repetitions without results. You’ll probably end up with a shoulder injury or muscle pain after the first set. So, start with 2 kg, at least, than work your way up (not too up).

Shoulder Dumbbell Lateral Rise

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