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Excersise advices — April 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Shoulder: Deltoid Dumbbell Raises

The deltoid dumbbell raises is one of the best shoulder workouts at the gym. It is not very hard to perform as it not requires heavy dumbbell for the repetitions. Here is how to perform it.

Shoulder Deltoid Dumbbell Raises

Stand in front of a mirror with two dumbbells in your hands (preferably 2 kg for starters). Make sure that your knees are slightly bent and the feet are in shoulder length position; straighten your back and look forward. With the dumbbells in your hands and in front of your thighs, start moving the dumbbells in front of your chest with a circular motion. After the hands reach a horizontal parallel line with the floor return the dumbbells in their initial position.

Exhale while lifting and inhale when lowering down. Be concentrated at all times; don’t let the light weight dumbbells distract you. Even though they are light, for the shoulder deltoids they are ‘heavy’. Never lift the dumbbells too high above shoulder level; otherwise there won’t be any affect. Concentrate on a firm, full-body posture and the shoulder deltoids will do the rest.

Exercising the Deltoid Dumbbell Raises as part of your shoulder workouts at the gym delivers more results when it is performed in front of a mirror. Look at you repetitions will prevent false movements. Besides, looking at your own workout will definitely be a motivational boost.

Other shoulder workouts at the gym which you can perform are

The Barbell Press

The Military Press

Dumbbell Front Rise


…enjoy your workout!

Shoulder Deltoid Dumbbell Raises

Shoulder Deltoid Dumbbell Raises

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