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Excersise advices — April 9, 2012 at 12:40 pm

4 Day Workout Plan for the Gym

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There is no point in going to the gym every single day. Giving our body that kind of rhythm will not deliver results at all; in fact, it will over-train your body and give more pain than muscular mass. To have a workout plan for the gym is to have a discipline in exercising. A 4 day workout plan will put your body into a perfect rhythm and it will know when it is time for chest or back workout. Here is a simple 4 day workout plan for the gym that is able to give results and at the same time leave you fresh and pain free.


There are 7 days in a week and there are some gyms that prefer not to work on Sundays. So, if your gym works 7 days a week than the 4 day workout plan will not be a problem. If your gym does not work on Sundays, than you need to include every Sunday as your rest-day in your workout plan. But don’t worry, the rest day won’t ‘kill’ the 4 day workout plan.
The simple 4 day workout plan for the gym goes like this:

Day 1: Chest (Pushups, Bench Press, Dumbbell Flyes)
Abs (Crunches and Hanging Knee Rise)

Day 2: Back (Pull Ups, One Arm Dumbbell Row and T-Bar Rows)
Abs (The Bicycle Crunch and the Russian Twist)

Day 3: Biceps and Triceps (Biceps Curl, Hammer Curls, Overhead Extensions, Triceps Bench Dips)
Abs (V-Ups and Captain’s Chair Leg Rise)

Day 4: Legs (Dumbbell Split Squat and Calf Rises)
15 minute Treadmill jogg with a normal tempo.

The exercises mentioned are the basic ones. There are plenty of exercises to chose from and it is recommendable that you switch exercises at every 2-3 weeks, but remain on the 4 day workout plan for the gym when it comes to muscle groups. Include a 10 minute warming up with couple of minutes of treadmill jogg.


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