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Excersise advices — March 19, 2012 at 12:06 pm

Upper Body Workout in 3 days

There are a lot of workout programs available. If you plan your workout week the right way, results are definitely on their way. The 3 day upper body workout is always graded with ‘two thumbs up’. Just like the urge to have great six-packs, upper body muscle development also delivers impressive results. You will not walk the entire summer shirtless just to show your six packs, but an ordinary t-shirt will reveal that upper body development 24/7. Here is a great 3 day upper body workout program.

sexy upper body

First, let’s lay down the list of the muscles which are part of the upper body, from the to: shoulders, biceps, triceps, under-elbow, chest, back and waist. And Yes – including all thous muscles in a 3 day upper body workout delivers results.

There is a proper order of exercises and muscle group combination within 3 day upper body workout.

a) Day One – Chest and Triceps, 3 exercises/ 3 sets/ 8-10 repetitions

Exercise your chest with Pushups (key workout), Barbell Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Renegade Row, Dumbbell flyes, Standing Cable Crossover, Chest Dibs, Dive-Bomber Pushup, Pec Deck Butterflies and etc.

Exercise your Triceps with Bench Dips, Close grip Bench press, Push Downs, Overhead Extensions, Dumbbell Kickback and etc.

b) Day Two – Back and Biceps, 3 exercises/ 3 sets/ 8-10 repetitions

Exercise your Back with Pull Ups, Lat Pull Down, T-bar –rows, One-arm dumbbell row, shrugs, Hyperextensions, Supine Pull-ups, T-Bar Rows and etc.

Exercise your Biceps with Barbell Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Close Grip Barbell Curls, Hammer Curl, Cable Curl, Concentration Curls, Preacher Curl and etc.

c) Day Three – Shoulders 3 exercises/ 3 sets/ 8-10 repetitions

Exercise your shoulders with Military Press, Barbell Press, Rear Deltoid and etc.

These combinations are not a coincidence. When you do a chest bench press the triceps are the second in line with activity. The same goes for the biceps when you exercise you back.
Remember to do just 3 exercise for each muscle group. Since there are many exercises, switch exercises every 2-3 weeks. Warm pp good before you start exercising; a 5 minute treadmill jog will warm up the body pretty good.

Enjoy your 3 day upper body workout, it will definitely deliver the results you want.

sexy upper body

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