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Celebrities — March 27, 2012 at 6:00 pm

The Immortals Workout

Henry Cavill is the actor towards which eyes are pointed when it comes to another ripped body on the silver screen. It seems that the 300 movie workout has taken its course. Henry Cavill right after the ‘Immortals’ movie shoot, started exercising for his next Superman movie project. The man to help him with this is Mark Twight, the man responsible for the 300 cast six-packs.

Here are three workouts that made Henry Cavill a sight for sore eyes in the ‘Immortals’.

 Henry Cavill immortals

The Goblet Squat

Grab a kattlebell or a barbell in your hands; make sure you grab it underneath, like holding a big cup. Stand with feet slightly spread from shoulder-width and straight back. While in a standing position, lower your body down until your elbows reach the side of your knees. Remember that the elbows should be between your legs. From this position, straighten up towards initial position without lowering our back. The back must be straightened up at all times.

Goblet Squat

The Kattlebell Swing

Place t he kattlebell in front of you; stand with feet a bit wider from shoulder length. Slowly grab the kattlebell and straighten up. Now swing the kattlebell in front of you until your hands reach a horizontal position from the floor. Than continue swinging it backwards underneath your legs and swing it back up front. Keep your legs firm on the ground and use your hips for the swing. Remember to keep your hands straight at all times and don’t overdo it with the swing.

Kattlebell Swing

Kattlebell Swing

Squat Thrust

Stand up straight, this is the initial position; from here, squat down to the floor bending your knees and hips; place your hands on the floor (like doing pushups); and then straighten your legs backwards to create the pushup initial position. From there straighten your body in a reverse order of movements – move to a squat bend position and then straighten up. Make these movements as fast as you can.

Squat Thrust

Perform these exercises with 25 repetitions each with at least a 16 kg kattlebell or dumbbell.

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