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Excersise advices — March 16, 2012 at 3:05 pm

The Beauty of a Morning Exercise

Mornings are the indicators of the day. Some people say that form the beuty of the morning you will know what kind of day it will be; beautiful morning – beautiful day. There is not a single person on this planet that doesn’t enjoy a sunny morning. Even though waking up early is a ‘nightmare’ for some people, they too absorb morning’s freshness and get on with the day.

Just like a beautiful morning can light up your day, a quality exercise after a good night sleep can do wonders for your body. Waking up early and doing exercises is not the right sheduale for many people, but know this, morning exercise puts you and your body into a proper disciple and healthy nutrition. Here’s the deal …

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In order to wake up early in the morning fresh for an exercise, make sure that you slept at least 7 hours. The body needs its normal sleeping hours no matter the time you went to bed. So go early to sleep. When the body is ‘exposed’ to a workout in the morning, it immediately jump starts your metabolism. Fast metabolism means fast calorie-burner.

This improved metabolism will regulate your appetite which will eventually lead to better food choices. If before you started morning exercises you ate junk food, you’ll notice your appetite urging for healthier food. The muscles in the body that worked early in the morning will want something fresh and healthy instead of fried barbeque with French fries beside it. Junk food will not be ‘tolerated’ by fast metabolism, as it will be processed slower and heavier creating ‘rocks in the stomach’ effect.

The circadian and endocrine systems will be ‘back online’ on regular basis with regular rhythm. The body itself will prepare for the morning exercise before you open your eyes. Bear in mind that the body is able to adjust to your morning routine faster than you know.

Waking up will become much easier and fresh than before. Parallel with the body’s morning exercise, sleeping hours will adapt to your daily biorhythm; this will ignore the middle-of-the-day yawning and tiredness. Sleeping ‘appetite’ will be triggered in the evening as it is suppose to be.

Motivation is also part of the morning exercise. Once you notice the result in body weight, nutrition diet, sleep, energy and etc. your motivation levels will rise too. Not only you will wake up easy in the morning, but you will look forward on the morning exercise. Fresh body means fresh mind.

Enjoy !

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