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Excersise advices — March 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Chest Workout: Straight-Arm pullover

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The Straight-arm pullover is a great dumbbell chest workout. Not only can it be performed with a dumbbell, it can also be done with barbell. The only difference between a dumbbell workout for chest and a barbell workout for chest version is the hand grip. Here is how to perform it.

 dumbell pullover

Lie on a bench while holding a dumbbell in your hands above your chest. The dumbbell above your chest (with straight arms) and the body should form a 90 degree angle. From this position, move the dumbbell toward the back of your head with slightly bend elbows. When the dumbbell reaches behind your head (when you feel that the chest are stretched), return to initial position. The return should also be with bend elbows, gradually straightening them towards the initial position.

An important thing about the initial position is to place your head on the bench. Many people make a mistake by leaving the head and neck hand from the edge of the bench while performing these exercises. This is not right, because the body needs to concentrate on the chest workout, keeping the head and neck in a straight line.

As mentioned before, this dumbbell workout for chest can also be made with a barbell. If you use a barbell, gram the barbell with a shoulder length distance between the hands. The dumbbells will deliver a close grip movement, while the barbell a slightly wider grip movement.

 dumbell pullover

 dumbell pullover

Straight-Arm pullover can also be performed by placing only your upper back on the bench. Thus the body must create a bench-like initial position with the legs. This initial position is not recommended for beginners. I recommend you start by using the entire bench to support your body. That way you the body won’t struggle to keep a bench-like position, but rather concentrate on the Pullover itself.

 dumbell pullover

 dumbell pullover

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