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Excersise advices — March 26, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Chest Workout: Decline Bench Press

The Decline Bench press is probably the key chest workout when it comes to shaping your chest muscles. This exercise is among the best dumbbell workouts for chest, and barbell workouts for chest as well. It is simple to do and athletes normally perform this exercise as the last one of the chest workout program. Here is how to perform it.

Decline Bench Press

Adjust the bench press to the same degree of incline as when you do the incline bench press workout; but this time, make sure the lowest part of the bench is under the barbell rack. Sit on the bench so that your legs are safely secure on the highest part of the bench; a special part of the bench will secure the legs, thus preventing movement while doing repetitions.

When you are under the barbell, make sure that when you start the repetitions, the barbell will reach slightly above your chest, not your neck.

So, with the body in place, grab the barbell off the rack and straighten your arms above your chest; move the barbell towards your chest, and just before they make contact, lift the barbell up towards the initial position. Inhale as you lower down the barbell/dumbbells, and exhale when you lift them up.

Decline Bench Press

Remember that this exercise can be performed with dumbbells. If you chose that option, and you are quite confident in the dumbbells weight, have two people on each side of the bench to give you the dumbbells in your arms for the initial position. It is important that your hands are straightened up when the dumbbells are given to you. When you finish the set, the two side assistants will take the dumbbells from your hands.

This dumbbell workout for chest really isolates the chest muscles giving them full potential.

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