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Equipment, Excersise advices — March 14, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Assisted Pull Ups

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Pull ups are the ultimate workout for the back muscles. There is no bodybuilder or any type of professional athlete that doesn’t perform the Pull Ups. Now, this exercise is not an easy one, but it is also not a hard one, once you achieve it. The road to solid 3 sets with at 5-6 repetitions are challenging, no doubt about that. There are people that put Pull Ups aside and don’t do them at all thinking they are too hard to learn. There is a solution …

Assisted Pull Ups

Rubber bands or Pull up machines with assistance are reality. On the market there are special rubber bands that are designed for this matter. Now, you know how to perform a Pull up: Grab the pull up bar a bit wider from shoulder length, stretch your legs and pull up with your hands until your chin reaches the bar (that is just the beginner movement).

Beginners always have difficulties performing this exercise (depending on their weight). The rubber bands are tied right in the middle and hang from it. In order for the rubber band to assist you in the pull ups, place your feet on the rubber band and perform a pull up (see photo). The stretching of the rubber band will help you pull upward and complete a repetition.

Once the body overcomes the assistance in the first couple of weeks, it will ‘require’ from you to remove the rubber bands and try performing a hard-core pull up. Once the back muscles are activated they won’t have problems with pull ups.

Apart from rubber bands, there are specially designed pull up machines with a pad on the bottom attached to iron plates that mend to assist you just like the rubber bands.
Don’t be afraid of the pull ups and put them aside. They are ‘the mother’ of the back just like pushups are for the chest. Have fun and make the back proud.

A friend in the gym can also help you with the pull ups. While you are making pull ups, he gan grab you by the waist and assist you; or grab your legs so that he can push himself up.

Assisted Pull Ups

Assisted Pull Ups

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