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Fitness, Health, Motivation — February 27, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Why it is best to visit the gym without your significant other?

Working out with your girlfriend/boyfriend can be fun; it shows that you are both willing to take care of your perfect body, live healthier, become more sexually attracted to each other than before and etc. Working out both of you – fine; but be in the same gym at the same time may not be the best idea.

fitness couple

Working out in the gym, for men and women, is a sacred time. The results from working out are positive when you are concentrated all throughout the 45-60 minutes. Having your girlfriend or boyfriend around you can be a distraction which will influence the goal you’ve set.

When you work out a certain program, your girlfriend/boyfriend may well be working something else in the gym; that’s ok, concentration goes well. But what happens when you both are between repetitions and one of you wants an advice or assistance with a certain workout or machine? While you are explaining, the body can lose the rhythm of working out and cool down.

Another situation when your girlfriend is with you in the gym is when she asks you a couple of time weather she is better looking than the other girls in the gym. These inevitable comparisons with other girls will put you in a never-ending conversation for the next 24 hours, not just the gym. And men, be careful what you answer.

In a gym, where men and women exercise at the same time, there is bound to be some ‘checking out’ trough the mirrors or from across the room; that’s a normal human behavior. Some are setting themselves to make a move on a girl; some are just silently applauding a beautiful fit body. Nevertheless, when your girlfriend is with you in the gym, there is hardly any space for ‘checking out’. If you get caught doing that, than “Huston, we have a problem!’

Sweating is an inevitable in the gym, so seeing your girlfriend, or boyfriend, sweating to the fullest, may not be the picture you want to see. This goes double when it comes body smell.
Gym time is a sacred time form most people, men or women. When they visit the gym they want to be alone and workout their stress. It doesn’t matter whether you have a girlfriend or not. Working out with full concentration and no distraction is a meditation of the body’s positive aura.

Working out is great for both of you, but do it in separate gyms or take different activities; you visit the gym, she will take yoga or palates classes.

fitness couple

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