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Body Building, Fitness, Health — February 20, 2012 at 9:49 am


We have mentioned a couple of times (if not very often) that overtraining causes muscle fatigue and bone pains which logically lead to no muscle results at all. It is still true, and we stand by it. There is no sense in overtraining yourself thinking you’ll get a chiseled body in no time. However there is a slight moment in overtraining that occurs before the overtraining imit and that moment can be beneficial – the overreaching.


Overreaching is beneficial if you want to push your body a step further into being bit. Weight lifting in the basics goes: If you want to gain muscle mass, make more repetitions with lighter weights; if you want to gain strength, make fewer repetitions with heavier weights. These previous sentences have proven themselves on the battlefield in the gyms.

The signal for an overreaching moment while exercising is a slight fatigue in vision and stamina shortage. Just when you feel the blood in your muscles pumping; that you made the best you can on the exercise, stop. It is more likely that you will cause bone pains (or a serious injury) with an extra 4th set of repetitions, than thinking it is the overreaching moment.

It is recommended to implement overreaching in exercising two to three times a year. The body needs to recover a couple of days after its highest state of exercising for at least a week. The days of rest are the days of body recuperation, overcompensating and recovering in the comfort zone. Make sure you hydrate on a regular basis and get enough hours of sleep, at least seven in a 24 hour period.

As nutrition is concerned in the recuperating period, eat enough and well. Healthy food is essential as it provides the necessary ingredients to a healthy muscles and body stamina.

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