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Fitness, Health, Motivation — January 18, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Why exercising sometimes delivers no results?

Exercising is the best way to lose pounds, gain power in the muscles and stay fit for longer periods, but fitness can have no effect on the body no matter how much you exercise. This is true, there some things you need to avoid in order for physical training to deliver shaped muscles, six-packs and longer stamina. Here they are the most common confusions.


-The more you exercise, the more you eat.-

When you exercise you burn calories, quite normal and quite logical; but what comes afterwards is that many people tend to reinstate those calories into the body by increased amount of food in your diet. People are misleading when they think that physical training is the GO card for eating more than usual. Yes, the body needs quality food for energy, but don’t it knows its limits.
Consider this, when you jog for about 45 minutes the body looses around 500 calories; so think twice before you decide to eat something like a piece of chocolate cake, which has around 1200 calories.
Create a balanced diet throughout the day and keep track of your calorie input-output if you want to lose pounds but not your stamina. Eat healthy food full of natural proteins and sugars and the physical active body will do the rest.

– Exercising till exhaustion –

People get so excited when they are hooked up on fitness; they become so excited that they push the limits of physical activity on the body and end up with exhausted body at the end of the day. This is most common for teenagers that try so hard to achieve a perfect body in other to impress the people around them (mostly girls).
Remember that the body is a machine, but not literally. A machine of iron can work 24 hours a day, but the body can wear and tear after an intensive 1 hour of training in the gym.
Balance your workout in the gym, the run in the park, the extra hour of basketball game with your friends. After a workout, the body needs time and energy to recuperate and continue with its daily activities.

– Mono Exercising –

You spend weeks and weeks in the gym lifting dumbbells and barbells and the results are minimal or none at all. Have tried jogging in the park or playing a basketball game with your friends? The body needs “stereo” exercising routine; it wants to be active but not in the same way over and over again.
If you stick to just lifting weights, you will get results but they will fade away quickly. We have mentioned before that fitness training involves Anaerobic and Aerobic exercises. The former involves barbells and dumbbells and the latter involves running, swimming, bicycling and etc. It is great to balance physical activities so that the body won’t get “bored” and believe it or not anaerobic and aerobic exercises help each other. With aerobic exercises the body gains in great stamina which is crucial when you want to lift heavier weights.


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