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Motivation — January 9, 2012 at 9:45 am

How to Fight the Vices

The number of people without vices is considerably low. There is practically no human being that hasn’t tried a glass of alcohol or inhaled a cigarette smoke. People are able to beat their Vices and keep them on distance a long time, but many a times people tend to smoke just one cigarette when they are down.

There is no sense of me telling you that workout exercises and vices (such as alcohol or cigarettes) go together; they never did and they never will. A shredded body with muscles isn’t build with alcohol in your blood or nicotine in your muscles. The cigarette smoke threatens your lungs every single day, weather you are exercising or not. Alcohol overpowers the stomach and kidneys; instead of processing water or milk so their nutrition can be delivered straight to the muscles, the kidneys process alcohol without any ‘nutritious’ ingredient for the muscles. Vices and Fitness don’t mix – period. So, how to beat them?


Simple, you start just by saying NO. It probably won’t work the first time, but after repeating it often during the day, the word NO for the Vices will stick. Another step is to look in the results. A healthy body is physically build and quite attractive; a muscled body is able to run several miles, lift heavy weights, sleep well during the night, think properly, hangover-free, have a healthy sex-life and etc.

Start slowly, but finish strong. Many people give up smoking cigarettes one step at a time; they lower down the number of cigarettes per day and eventually end up not light a single smoke. Some are being challenged with a bet (weather they are able to go a week without a cigarette), and believe or not it works. They go through the week without a single smoke, and then they realize they don’t need them at all, and go on without smoking even though their bet is over.

When you give up vices and go take on exercising, you will be amazed on what the body is capable of and on how strong you are. You’ll notice that you’ve given up terrible vices in exchange for a healthy vice. Instead of smoking your lungs to death, with the money you plan to spend on cigarette packs, buy a bicycle. The bicycle will give you the number one exercise for healthy lungs on perfect body stamina.
Instead of buying alcohol every day, pay a month membership to a gym and build your body like a rock.

There is always a way to give up vices and there is always a way to keep them at a distance. All you have to do is decide and go with the program. A healthy body makes healthy decisions; a healthy body lives longer and it will take care of you in the years to come.

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