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Fitness, Motivation — January 4, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Abs: Toe Touches/Crunches

Continuing the abs-floor-exercise franchise, Toe Crunches (or Toe Touches) is a workout very similar to the V-Up exercise. To perform this exercise you will require maximum free space around your body so you won’t hurt yourself during repetitions. The level of the toe Crunches is medium, but it can be quite challenging if you haven’t perform previous crunch exercises. Here is hot to do it.

Toe Touches Crunches

Lie on the floor flat on the back, legs straight and arms also straighten backwards as much as possible. Now, from that initial position move your upper body with the straighten arms and the legs towards the center of your body. Don’t bend your knees or your elbows. The tip of your fingers and toes should meet above your abs without bended knees or elbows.
It is probable that you won’t do The Touch at first, but don’t worry, return to initial position from the position of the maximum bend. After several sets you’ll reach the center with a contact between the toes and fingers.

Breathing is important for this exercise; exhale when you are moving toward the center and inhale when you move to initial position. In-between repetitions don’t touch the floor with the palms and feet; make sure they are a bit “in the air” before the start of every repetition.

Once you feel that the challenge of this exercise is getting too easy, take a dumbbell, a medicine ball or something else in your hands and do the exercise. The additional weight will put more tension on the abs and will make them work harder for a complete repetition.

Make 3 sets with as much as repetitions as possible. Have fun.

Toe Touches Crunches

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