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Body Building, Fitness, Health, Motivation — January 3, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Abs: The Double Crunch

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The Double Crunch exercise is a 2 in 1; this is a combination of two abs exercises into a single one. If you want to put more tension on the abs, if you want to make abs workout more challenging, than this is definitely a-must-do.

Double Crunch

What the double crunch exercise does is a crunching movement of the upper body and the lower body at the same time. Performing this exercise is quite simple:
Make the initial position on the floor for the classic crunch exercise (flat on the back, knees bend with flat feet on the floor, and arms behind your neck. Now perform the crunching movement with the upper body (move your chest towards your stomach, but don’t bend only the upper part of back) and move your legs with bended knees towards your stomach. The upper and lowrd body should meet in the center, right above the stomach making a double crunch.
After the crunch return to initial position but make sure you don’t touch the floor with your feet and your head. Continue to with the repetitions until you reach your highest number. Take few minutes to rest and then do another set. You can perform 3-4 sets with as much as repetitions as possible; don’t overdo it or it won’t have an effect.

Double Crunch

If you find this exercise to hard for you, than postpone for later stages in exercising; after you have accomplished the classic crunch and the lower-body crunch exercise. Remember to stay concentrated throughout the repetitions and don’t rush into them.

Keep the motivation on a high level and the exercise will make its course. Have fun.

Double Crunch

Double Crunch

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