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Fitness, Health, Motivation — December 14, 2011 at 7:41 am

5 Simple Steps in Staying Fit

There are a lot of exercises you can do and there are a lot of exercises to pick, but there are some things which you cannot avoid before, during and after you exercises. Those thins are essential and can produce additional energy to your workout. Bottom line, they are important for avoiding serious injuries to your body or losing stamina quickly. Here are the 5 steps.

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First before you start working out or some other physical activity, Warm Up. Warming up increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, “wakes up” the muscles and bones and etc. Warm elbows, joints, knees and ankles are the starting point of proper exercises. Warm up with running, stretching, simulation swimming in a bended position or standing.

The Second ting you should do is cardiovascular activity. Lifting weights is excellent for muscle crafting, but the muscles are not the only one that need exercising. For them to perform excellent, you need to exercise the heart and the lungs. Cardiovascular activity is their training. You can achieve excellent inner health by a simple jog of 20 to 30 minutes, cycling, swimming, playing football, basketball and est.

In the Third step is where the muscle building is situated. Lifting weights with proper repetitions will craft and chiseled body structure like you always wanted. Make sure you create a good program were you won’t overreact with barbells and dumbbells; respect the program and the dumbbells and they will give powerful muscles.

Forth – Stretch. Stretching improves flexibility, reduces the risks of injury during exercising, it balances the program. Remember that stretching is not just pre-exercising activity. Implement it in between sets and exercises, that way the body will stay sharp all the way.

And final- Cool Down. As you got warmed up gradually, cool down in the similar rhythm. Reduce the intensity of exercising few minutes before finish. Try not to expose the body too much (don’t put off your clothes); the body is naturally heated and it will be “shocked” to lose that body heat in an instant.

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