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Fitness, Motivation — September 14, 2011 at 4:52 pm

The Kettlebell

The Kettlebell is nowadays one of the most popular exercising equipment in the world. Probably one of the first things ways it is popular, it’s because it offers a different type of exercising from that of barbells nad dumbbells. Also, in recent years, the kettlebell is often used by pro-athletes and movies.


Originally, the Kettlebell is invented by the Russians. Now, if you don’t already know, the Russians have a reputation of being hard core physical capabilities; so let’s not underestimate their practice of Kettlebells in their training.

The main purpose of The Kettlebell is to build up strength and flexibility in the muscles; also losing fat is part of their agenda. Another benefits of using the Kettlebells for exercising is the termination of back pain; it eliminates stress; improves cardiovascular condition, increase of muscular endurance; mental toughness and you name it.

If you already use the Kettlebell in training, or plan to use it in the near future, make sure you have a pair of them; when you purchase it, buy it in a pair; always have a firm grip on the handle; make sure you don’t make contact with your body while exercising with the Kettlebell; make high repetitions; never overdo it with its weight (the Kettlebells come in different weights and sizes; there are also pairs where you can control its weight buy removing several plates from a Kettlebell frame); keep a proper body posture as instructed in the exercises in order to avoid back pain.



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