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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — September 27, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Chest Workout: Stability Ball Push Ups (with feet on the ball)

We mentioned many times before that the best chest workout is the Push-Ups. The bench Press will challenge your chest muscles and require from you to do the maximum, but it is no Chest Workout without Push-Ups being involved. If you are exercising Push-Ups on a regular basis, Great- keep up the good work; if not, you better get down to it because it will do wonders for your strength, agility and stamina. Here is how to perform the Stability ball Push-Up with your feet on the ball.

Stability Ball Push Ups

Because you are using the Stability ball to elevate your body and put more pressure on the upper body while doing the push-ups, in the background your body will work to maintain perfect body balance on the ball. While you are doing these kinds of push-ups the feet tend to move the ball sideways a little bit, and without good balance you lose the rhythm of the pushups. So, maintaining the balance on the stability ball will trigger the abs and you’ll have another workout being performed in the background.

Start by placing your feet on the top of the Stability Ball and your hands on the floor (Just like a Classic Pushup but with the lower body elevated a bit higher). Lower your body to the ground and then push yourself up until you reach the initial position. Simple, the movement is the same as the classic push-ups.

The difference between the Classic Pushups and the Stability Ball Pushups is that with the Stability Ball the gravity makes your upper body is heavier than before, thus you get more weight to push from the ground. Plus, the abs are working in the background for a straight back and perfect body balance.

It is a great exercise which you can perform in the comfort of your own home if you have a Stability Ball; if not, there is sure to be one in the Gym where you exercise.
Since this is an exercise which uses an individual’s body weight, it is recommendable that you perfrom 3 sets with as much as repetitions as you can.

Stability Ball Push Ups

Stability Ball Push Ups

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