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Fitness, Motivation — September 13, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Biceps: Concentration Curls

The Concentration Curls is an exercise made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This workout aims to reach the peak of the Bicep muscle. It is performed very easily and it doesn’t require the need of a workout machine.

Concentration Curls

You don’t have to use dumbbells with lower weight for this exercise, but you don’t have to overdo it too. Use the right Dumbbell capable of delivering the maximum of the muscle. Once you ‘conquer’ one dumbbell, feel free to do the exercise with a heavier one. Here is how to perform the exercise.

Grab a dumbbell in one arm and sit on a bench or a char. Place the elbow on the arm you hold the dumbbell on you knee. The knee will serve as a static object which won’t allow the arm to move backward; only the bicep will be the one moving the dumbbell. You can place your other arm on the other knee; bend your back a bit and spread the legs so you’ll have enough space to move the dumbbell.
From this position move the dumbbell towards your shoulders. Remember that the only thing that is allowed to do the repetition is the bicep. These repetitions will make the bicep pump real nice. Not only it will do the workout result, but visually it will boost your motivation as you see before you the ‘fruits of your labor’.

Make 3 sets with 12,10 and 8 repetitions. These sets and repetitions are only for the beginning. Once you learn the exercise well, the need to increase the weight of the dumbbell will come up. Increase it, but don’t overdo it with the repetitions and sets. Remember to play smart when it comes to lifting heavy weights.

You don’t have to use the mirror in the gym while performing this exercise. Yes, looking in the mirror during the repetitions will give you visual motivation, but looking straight down to the work of the bicep will do the trick too.

Concentration Curls

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