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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — September 21, 2011 at 10:32 am

Abs: V-Ups

Simple as it may be, the V-ups tend to be quite a challenging exercise. What makes it challenging is the fact that this exercise requires body balance, hip positioning, movement timing and flexibility. This exercise is recommendable at least for the intermediate athletes. Conquering two or three ab exercises on the floor will get you ready for the V-Ups.

Abs V-Ups

The first thing you should do is find enough space on the floor to do this exercise. Make sure there is nobody around you, something heavy or fragile for that matter which won’t make contact with your body. Also, place a floor mat on the floor.

Li on the floor mat with your back and straighten your arms above your head. Remain in that initial position for just couple of seconds so that the body will prepare itself for the exercise movements. Now, concentrate!

Contract the abdominal muscles and move your upper body (with the arms straighten above your head) and the legs in a vertical position. This movement should form a V letter. When you achieve the V letter, slowly return to initial position and start another repetition.

Since this exercise requires no dumbbell or barbell, make 3 sets with as much as repetitions as you can.

Remember to keep a straight back at all times; straighten your arms above your head and contract those abdominals in order to form the V letter. If one repetition is heavy to perform, don’t give up the next time. The next time you’ll probably be able to do two; then three and etc.

Abs V-Ups

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