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Body Building, Fitness, Motivation — August 11, 2011 at 11:00 am

Workout Mistakes – Good or Bad?

Everybody makes mistakes … everybody; no matter how much someone tells you they are flawless know that at some point they are bound to make mistake. Workout, Fitness, Bodybuilding or any type of physical recreational activity is not immune to mistakes. Like all the things in life, working out with barbells and dumbbells is not something you already know the first time you step in the gym. So, how to deal with the mistakes or are they good or bad?

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First of all let’s clear the air around Mistakes in general. They are the thing people don’t want in their everyday life, because they refer to negative results – true. But the reference to negative results creates a certain hate rate towards mistakes, not knowing that subconsciously we attract more mistakes with our resentment, hat rate and, ironically, their disrespect. They are bad because positive results are nowhere to be found among mistakes; but they are also good.

They are good because people very often learn their greatest life lesson from their mistakes. Instead of resenting them, people embrace them, use them to figure out what went wrong, learn what not to do the next time, and move one. The best thing about mistakes is their lesson how to do it properly the next time.

So, when it comes to exercising a certain physical activity, mistakes are good if they are treated with respect and learning material. Once you made a certain mistake with a certain weight lifting exercises (for example) you won’t do it aging since you already know the outcome of improper exercising.

Another good thing about mistakes is that they have lower chances appearing again if you’ve learned from them. The same mistake in exercising appearing more than once is dangerous. That means taking serious measures and concentration. You definitely don’t want a barbell or a dumbbell workout mistake to shorten your gym membership.

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