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Fitness, Health, Motivation — August 3, 2011 at 3:28 pm

The Floor as your personal Gym

Being fed up with lifting dumbbells and barbells is a situation that everyone who visits a gym faces ones in a while. It is not that they are starting to underestimate their purpose, or they ar simply too easy to handle; it’s just that the spirit of exercising in the body will eventually ask for something different then couple of weights in the palms. There is a solution, and it is right under your feet – The Floor.


Yes, the floor can be your best exercising equipment and your personal gym that is capable of delivering muscular mass and body definition all at the same time. The first thing you need to do is to ‘acquire’ enough space; the sense that there is nothing around in the touch radius provides safety and relaxed workout. The number one floor exercise is of course, the Push Ups. They are not only the number one exercise on the floor, but they are the number one exercise for the upper body in general. Like we mention countless times on this site, the pushups trigger the muscles in the entire upper body. They are perfect for chest, arms, shoulders, abs and back. Pushups will always deliver strong and visible results. There are a lot of pushups variations you can do, just search this site and you’ll find them easily.

The second advantage of the floor exercise are the abs. there is nothing more hardcore in abs exercises than conquering them on the floor; no abs crunch machines, no belts, no nothing; Just your body weight and the gravity. The capability of doing hard core crunches will strengthen your waist; it will deliver those six packs faster than any other exercise machine. It’s like; the body is struggling to do the abs crunches, instead of trying to overcome a certain weight on an exercise machine.

Squats are the perfect exercises for the leg muscles. It works all the muscles in the lower body without any exercise machine assistance. It will strengthen your legs and give the perfect shape at the same time.

When the body will conquer the basics of these exercises, it will ‘ask’ you to do different variations; like pushups for triceps and shoulders; jump squats with pushups, planks, side planks and etc. the floor challenge will never go dry and the body will get its natural strength and physique.

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