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Basketball — August 12, 2011 at 11:00 am

The ‘6th Sense’ of Basketball

Basketball is a strategic game which certainly involves having an additional sense other than vision, touch, smell, sound and taste. The 6th sense in basketball in a way is dividing into two: An Acquired Basketball Sense where a player knows what to do in offense and defense prior to practice drills and training; and an Inherent Basketball Sense where a player knows what to do on the court even if that procedure wasn’t part of practice the previous day. Acquired Basketball Sense is based on practice; being repeated more than once it becomes part of the teams play in the game. However Inherent Basketball Sense is developed on split second hunch which must be dealt with precautions or else failure is on the menu.

basketball sense

The lessons you’ll get in the Acquired basketball Sense, teach you to go for the easy jump shot (don’t complicate things unnecessary); when you cut, always cut inside; always stand between your opponent and the basketball hoop when in defense; if your teammate gives you a pick, take it; make pick and roll plays after you’ve used the pick; when you release the ball for a pass – run; pass the ball to an open position.

Always be careful when the inherent basketball sense hits you in the middle of the game. As they deliver great results in the game, they are also dangerous when handled improperly. Cooperate when given the chance. Having the light bulb above your head with the inherent sense doesn’t make you the captain of the ship. It is a team work and know that other players may possess the inherent sense as well.
If one inherent basketball sense doesn’t deliver your expectations, it’s OK. There are bound to be so ‘bad apples’ on the way.

If the whole team is using the Acquired Basketball Sense, go with it. Don’t be selfish on going solo when everybody else works together for a score. Counter-productive results have higher chances in these types of situations.

basketball sense

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