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Fitness, Motivation — August 18, 2011 at 7:14 pm

Blindfolded Repetitions

To produce a high concentration level while exercising people do few thing in particular: The isolate themselves from the others in the gym, wait till everybody leaves home and do push-ups with no problems; mentally think of beautiful things and etc. The most interesting thing and probably the coolest thing to do are to make repetitions with your eyes closed, or blind-folded.


Scientist claim and it is confirmed though, that when some unfortunate people lose one body sense, the other senses are sharpening very well. For instance if a man loses its, hearing sense, his vision is much sharper. The vice versa is much sharper, if a person losses vision, then his hearing abilities are much stronger.

People working out in the gym many a times close their eyes when exercising. This is because they want to concentrate fully on the repetitions. Distractions are not allowed. When eyes are closed, all you are left while exercising is the sense of the movement and counting the repetitions. Believe it or not it works, try it.

Pushups have proven to be very effective when they are performed with eyes closed. There is nothing to distract you on the floor, just the feeling of a straight plank doing movements up and down.

To add some drama while exercising, you can blind fold your eyes and do a ninja style exercising. Other than e perfect concentration routine it will spice up workout and deliver a bit more motivation.

You don’t have to do all the workouts with your eyes closed. Remember that sometimes, in the beginning at least, you have to look in to a mirror while exercising. The supervision you do is to make proper repetitions. Proper repetitions lead to proper exercising, more sweat, guaranteed results and no injuries. Whatever suits your concentration do it, blindfolded or not.

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