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Motivation, Running — July 25, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Myths about Running

As there are many myths about weight lifting, fitness and etc. there are also some ‘fishy’ things going on in the world of running. Just like The Myths have an unofficial purpose to degrade and misguide fitness and weightlifting, they have the same target towards running and jogging. Misguided facts about running ‘run’ towards people and tell false stories about the affects of running, so let’s break it down here and bust them right away.


One of the most humorous myths about running and jogging is that they are not fun at all; people seem to run in one direction and practically do the same thing for an hour or so. Some say that you can never see a runner smile; when he stops to pause or stretches before running there isn’t a single mark of a smile on his face; ergo unhappy activity … Wrong !
Running is a lot of fun and people who indulge it are satisfied with what they achieve. The goal of running a few miles in a perfect physical condition is quite an extraordinary result. Not only it will deliver your body from toxins, it will also cast further physical endurance and health benefits. Motivation is fed with results of achievement, clear lungs and strong stamina. So, maybe runners aren’t smiling in the process of running (they are concentrating on the activity, right!); but they are definitely smiling afterwards for much longer than usual.

The second myth that needs to be broken down is the fact that running tends to ruin the knees. Running does impact the knees, especially when running on a tarmac; but sever studies in the world have proven that running doesn’t worsen the arthritis at all. People who often and people who don’t, seem to have the same chance of getting arthritis; In fact, running can actually reduce the risk of arthritis. Regular running and physical activity strengthens the muscles, the bones, the knees and etc. Let’s not forget that the purpose of running is for body health benefits, not putting the health at risk.

And the last, and most ridiculous myth, is that women are too fragile to run. This will probably have worked a century ago when the Olympics games didn’t allow women to run in the competition just because misguided facts like that.
But running is recommendable, fun, competitive for women as it is for men. They cannot deliver the same results as men, because of biological facts, but never the less they are capable of running long distances and maintain stamina as well as men. So, if someone starts degrading women in terms of running, just ignore him.


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