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Basketball, Motivation — July 7, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Dribbling Techniques

There are several dribbling techniques that will move you further than the normal, default version. Perfecting these dribbling moves will allow you to maneuver the ball wherever you want without worrying it being ‘stolen’ by the defense or just losing the ball out of your hand because of improper dribbling. Practice is always the recipe for exercising the dribbling moves.

Dribbling Techniques

A normal dribbling move is the changing of pace speed. This movement is quite simple: dribble the ball when in offense and at a certain point swiftly move forward and stop; this creates a small fake move that will put the defense off balance for a second and right at that moment you have an easier path to pass him.

Another dribbling technique assisted by a fake is the One-Side Move followed with a dribble. While you are dribbling the ball with your left hand (or right). Fake a step to the right (or left) to off balance the defensive player, and then speed forward from the left side (or right). This maneuver is done in a split second so make sure you plan this attack in time.

The Crossover Dribble is similar to the One-Side Move; while dribbling with the right hadn (or left) make a swift fake move to the right (or the left); when the defense is faked to move to the right, just crossover the ball to the left hand and speed around the defense from the left side while he is trying to regain balance from right.

Between the legs Dribble is an attractive ball movement that protects the ball from being ‘stolen’ with the legs. This dribble is quite easy to achieve, but try to master the movement by adding few fakes or 2-3 dribbles between the legs simultaneously. It is difficult for the defense to steal the ball from the dribble; and also, the fake moves and maneuvers are unpredictable when it comes to dribbling between the legs. This dribble is very effective in offense when it is combined with the previously mentioned dribbling techniques.

Similar to the between-the-legs dribble is the around-the-back dribble. Instead of dribbling between the legs and protect the ball with the leg, do the crossover behind the back. This is also a powerful move when it is combined with some of the other dribbling technique.

Dribbling Techniques

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