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Basketball, Motivation — July 14, 2011 at 11:01 am

Basketball Passing

Basketball is a team sport – That sentence should be in the mind of all basketball players ever time they step on the court, practice or a game. Passing is a type of communication between the players in the game; it is part of the offensive strategy, creates confidence and moral among the teammates; and delivers clear positions for perfect jump shots or fast entries towards the basket. However, Passing in basketball has a vice – greed. Players who are very confident in their shooting abilities often ignore their team mates and prefer to go on a solo shooting spree in the game. That kind of selfishness hurts the moral, team spirit and eventually the game.

Basketball Passing

As mentioned before, passing in basketball is a type of communication among the players, not just a type but the communication. The passer is usually the one deciding where the ball will be passed or to whom; but also, a player with better offense position may require the ball by raising his hand or simply yelling loud. Eye contact is the starting point of passing; it’s like a telepathically connections between the players that instantly know there will be a pass.

Passing the ball is inevitable when the defense does a great job defending. In that situation, the offense should strategically move in the court in order to receive the ball and continue ‘attacking’. The passer must instantly know how to pass the ball to his team mates so it won’t be caught by the defense.

There are several ways how to pass the ball, which we’ll look in too separately in the following articles; the chest pass, the bounce pass, the over head pass, behind the back pass and alley-oop.

Basketball Passing

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