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Basketball, Motivation — July 18, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Basketball Passing: The Bounce Pass

The Bounce pass is one of the difficult passes for the defense to catch. The name itself tells us that in this pass a bounce must be included. Differing from the chest pass, instead of passing the ball in a straight line towards your team mate you use the floor as an assistant… but why?

The bounce pass

The reason is slime, we’ve mention it before – because this pass is very difficult to be caught by the defense. In order to make a great bounce pass you must first target a certain point between you and the team mate. Hold the ball with your hands in a shooting position (one hand on the side the other behind); bend the knees and keep the feet in shoulder length position; also, hold the ball near the waist or near one of the hips (depending on how you protect the ball from the opponent)

Now, in a split second, in your mind divide the distance between you and the team mate into four quarters. Do a Bounce Pass by targeting the third quarter from you. This way when the ball bounces of it will land directly in the hands of your teammate. Improper bounce pass may cause difficulties in receiving and serious injuries to the fingers of the receiver.

It is very hard for the defense to catch the bounce pass. Some may predict its trajectory, so if you can make a fake move or ‘look the other way’ when you make the pass. It is a bit show-off move, but it works. When your teammate is on the move, make the pass to that it will reach him as he runs. Practice the bounce pass using a wall or with a partner.

The bounce pass

The bounce pass

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