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Basketball, Motivation — July 11, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Basketball Moves: The Spin Dribble

The spin dribble is a very attractive move in basketball. Once you get the hand of it you won’t stop trying to do it. Not only it is attractive to do, but it is also one of the safest ways to pass the defensive player without putting the ball in danger of being ‘stolen’. However be careful not to do it that often; the defense may track down your play and predict the spin dribble move.

spin dribble

The Spin dribble is, normally, affective whether you dribble with your right hand or left hand. So as we describe the dribble with the left hand, know that the same technique goes for dribbling with the right hand as well.

When you dribble with the right hand and you decide to pass the defense with the spin dribble move, place your left foot between the defense player and the ball (right in front of you); Now keep the ball close to your right hip and form an arc by spinning your right leg backward so that your back meats the defense player. When you finish the spin the defense player will be passed.

To improve the Spin Dribble make sure you move the ball as less a s possible. Don’t rise up as you pivot with the left foot, keep a ‘low profile’ as you spin. Like all basketball moves, this one also requires practice and improvement. Practice as much as you can by dribbling with both hands.

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