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Basketball Fakes

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Faking basketball moves is a very common thing during play. As a matter of fact it is one of the things that make the game very interesting indeed. Fakes are a way of outsmarting the defense, making a path through the defenses and delivering powerful dunks attractions. However as there are countless ways to fake moves, there are countless ways to ‘track them’. When you intend to make fake moves in order to ruin the defenses, bear in mind that the player guarding you is familiar with basketball fakes and is uses them too. So, how to fake?

Basketball Fakes

The most powerful fake, normally starts with the eyes; If the offense is in a one-on-on e situation then probably he will look the defense directly in the eyes to intimidate him psychologically. Silently, the offense announces his intention of a strong attack and basically states that nothing can get in his way. He will fake, or not, with a small swift move on one side and then run towards the other; that is a classic fake. However, as mentioned before, there are countless fake routines to choose from. You’ll get acquainted with them through watching basketball matches on TV or inventing one of your own; there is no limit at all as long as there are within the basketball regulations.

Don’t over react with fake moves, that is, don’t make a fake step too big or it will be ‘caught’ by the defenses eyes. Not only the offense will lose the ball, but the fake move will look ridiculous.
Learn and practice more than just one fake move. When in offense, the defense will also fallow your moves and soon enough the offensive moves will be too predictable. Sometimes trigger a fake move with your eyes, but don’t fake at all; just do the entry or jump shot.

Even the defense is capable of making fakes. The defensive player may well act as if not ready for a solid ‘brick wall’ situation, and in less than a second can turn into a stronghold making the offense reschedule its attack. This type of defensive faking is done with the hands and eyes; the defense should use the legs for balance and quick defensive reactions – not fake.
Make the fakes realistic in nature so they’ll be more convincing. Practice them constantly as you practice a jump shot; in front of a mirror or with a friend.

Basketball Fakes

Basketball Fakes

Basketball Fakes

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