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Basketball Dribbling

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The movement in basketball playing is nothing without dribbling. Every step and run should be followed with a dribble. It is essential to know that dribbling is a starter for good offense and protection from defensive players. First thing you need to know about dribbling is that it is done with the fingertips and wrist. Never use the entire palm of your hand so that when you dribble there is an audible slap. Dribbling with the fingertips is a soft control over the basket and makes the ball a part of your body; it’s like the fingers and the ball are one until the final jump shot. There are few techniques and types of dribble you should be aware of.

Basketball dribbling

The first type of dribbling is basically, the normal one. At low speeds you dribble the ball on the side, so that your body is between the ball and the defensive player. This position protects the ball from being ‘stolen’ by the offense. However, if you dribble this type, make sure you are capable of doing this without looking at the ball; your eyes and head must be turned toward the players and thinking of a play strategy. You are looking all the time in the ball or in the floor just to make sure you are doing it the right way, then you is an easy target for the defense. Practice dribbling without looking at the ball by jogging around the court.

Another type of dribbling is the speed dribble. This movement is performed by pushing the ball in front of you while running fast toward the basket to score.
Which height the ball should be in dribbling depends on a lot of things; lower dribbling prepares you for fast movements. It is important to learn dribbling with both hands, no matter if you are left handed or right handed. Also practice crossovers; normal from left to right, behind the back, between the legs, with a fake and etc. Practice these maneuvers so that you won’t trip on your dribble and ruin the offense. Keep your head up at all times.

There isn’t always a reason for dribbling after receiving the ball. A player may also choose not to dribble at all and go for the jump shot or pass the ball. Unnecessary dribbling may be a weak spot on the offense because the defensive player in one-on-one situation is focused on stealing the ball from the dribble.

Basketball dribbling

Basketball dribbling

Basketball dribbling

Basketball dribbling

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