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Fitness, Running — July 1, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Are you Running or are you Jogging?

There is a never ending debate among runners and athletes of all sorts whether there is a difference between running and jogging. As days go by, it seems that that debate will go on forever, because there isn’t any straight-forward answer. In fact, there is a thin line between running and jogging; and if you look carefully you won’t even see a line at all. However, few points about the physical activity that is faster than walking may draw a fine line in between; but there are also counter points that have full right in erasing that line of distinction between running and jogging. Let’s see:


Running and Jogging in general are the same – a physical activity that involves the movement of legs faster than walking; a fast forward movement of the legs which in a split of a second put the feet in the air; and etc. But in spite of the same definition, people make an unofficial difference: Running being referred to as a more hard core physical activity than Jogging, which mainly refers to a quite relaxed version of it.

When people say: “Let’s go for a Run in the park.” – in their head an image of a hard core running activity appears in their mind which indicates that the body will be more challenged, less pauses and higher intensity. On the contrary, “Let’s go for jogging in the park’ – creates an image of soft running with your friend, exchanging few laughs and giggles and jog without any particular plan or strategy. Simply just run in a normal pace and stop whenever you want.

In terms of distance: runners and joggers will cover the same millage but probably with different speed. If a runner times his running activity and calculates that he runs a mile in about 5 minutes average; a jogger will cover the same distance with probably 2 minutes more.

Runners is also sometimes refer to people how participate in competitions, but that doesn’t mean that they are not joggers or vice versa. People who refer to themselves as joggers also take part in a marathon; not for the 1st prize, but simply to taste the marathon competition delight.

There are tons of people making a distinction between a runner and a jogger, and people who don’t pay attention to that sort of things. As longs as they are implementing the physical activity of running, whether for health reasons or competition, running will always be hospitable no matter how they refer to themselves


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