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Fitness, Health, Motivation — June 2, 2011 at 2:29 pm

When Diet habits collapse

First let’s get one thing straight – a diet means food intake in general, weather it is regulated or not, diet refers to eating food and not a trend of eliminating some meals just to get an attractive look. In these modern times, people are a regular target to various diets that promise decrease in body weight, flat stomach, slim legs and ect. These diets may well succeed in weight loss, but they are also successful in achieving health disorders. A proper diet requires proper exercises – bear that in mind. Other than a strict diet that leads to counter affect, there are other factors that play their role in metabolism disorder.

 drinking milk

One of the main reasons for people getting into a diet and make mistakes along the way is the media. Looking all those models on TV, the fit actors and professional athletes subconsciously give you the idea that in order to achieve something in the world you need to be fit and pretty. The urge to accomplish that as soon as possible leads towards unhealthy diet and overreacting at some point. The body needs to be treated with care and with time. Follow a healthy diet with some physical recreational activity and the body will take its shape.

The Emotional breakdown from a break up or loss of someone close is pulling in the unhealthy food on your table. To be emotionally down is natural, whatever the reason – we are all human, right? But that doesn’t give the go-ahead sign to ruin your body and physical capability. In those days a healthy body, with a healthy diet is the first pillar that builds the bridge towards brighter future and optimistic views.

The low self-esteem is probably the harshest of all. No matter what the reason is, self-esteem in people is fragile enough to break even the strongest personalities some time in life, thus leading to unhealthy food and unstable metabolism.
As we are human, we are entitled to ups and downs. Once we are down at some point with low self-esteem that doesn’t mean we will stay there. Find a way and the means in your life to get you back on your feat. Just like the emotional breakdown – a healthy diet is the strongest weapon the body has. A healthy diet leads to healthy body and healthy, clear thinking. Once the brain is fed with vitamins, proteins and minerals it has all the advantage to win back or gain new self-esteem points.

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