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Basketball — June 27, 2011 at 3:42 pm

The Basics of a Jump Shot

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Shooting the basketball towards it score destination is highly recommendable with a jump shot. A normal shot to the rim without a followed jump is destined to be blocked or missed. So specialize your jump shot to gain advantage over you’re the player who is guarding you. Jump shot are of high importance in a basketball game so here are the basics you should keep in mind all the time.

jump shot

The jump comes from the feet. It does come from the feet but is a body effort that produces it. Spread your feet in a shoulder length distance; bend the knees but don’t bend the waist. If you bend the waist, you’ll spend more energy for higher jump or you’ll be unable to maximize your jump. Keep a straight back and jump vertically in a position of a squat. Jump in straight line with the ball; don’t stick your elbow up front.

Hold the ball with both hands. One hand should be below the ball and the other on the side. The hand below the ball is for shooting the hand on the side is for direction. Consider the side hand like a sniper scoop targeting the rim. Whichever hand you prefer to be on the side or below is up to you; whether you are left handed or right handed. Spread the finger across the ball so you’ll have a complete control of it; a proper grip will protect it from being ‘stolen’ by the defensive player. When you shoot, release it with your fingers; hold it with the hand but make the fingers do the ‘final touch’. That way the ball will roll on its trajectory and it will make a proper parabola instead of traveling in a straighter line towards the rim

jump shot

Holding the ball with one hand underneath the ball requires bended wrist, so cock it back really nice and then release the ball with like a slingshot.
Like mentioned before, the elbows should not be up front; keep it close to the body and in a line with the basket.

When doing a jump shot, always keep your eyes on the rim; don’t look in the ball’s trajectory.

jump shot

jump shot

jump shot

jump shot

jump shotjump shot

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