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Fitness, Health, Motivation, Running — June 14, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Its summer – perfect time for outdoor workout

The time has come for people to hit the parks, beaches, mountains, swimming pools, lakes and you name it, to get physically active and reward the body with pure energy and relaxed mind. Summer has always a period of the year when people don’t like staying at home for most part of the day. Whether it is just for a walk in the park or nice jog, an outdoor activity is always welcomed during the warm days. So let’s review on what you can do outside and how it will benefit your health.


The first thing that comes to your mind is a simple walk. There is no doubt that this activity is a workout on its own. Walking in the park or by the beach with your friends is a mind training technique. Not only will you get the physical activity that burns calories, but you’ll spend quality time with your friends which will relax you and deliver you from all stress.

After we crawl, we walk; and after we walk we tend to run. Running outside, far away from the treadmill, is a delicacy for the lungs. Pure air combined with rhythmic pace is great for the heart rate and blood flow; the sweating itself will deliver the body from all the unnecessary toxins, burn fat and calories, and speed the metabolism. Just don’t forget to drink enough fluids.


One of the tom physical activities that trigger all the muscles in the body is swimming. So don’t wonder, just get on your swim suit and hit the swimming pool nearby. Or go to the beach and swim in the ocean. Ocean and wind make a perfect combination for surfing (now there is a adrenalin fountain).

Even though you won’t find snow in the mountains, in the summer the mountain is full of ‘expensive’ air. Don’t worry; you won’t pay a dime for it. Expensive, because it is full of fresh oxygen for the lungs and sights for sore eyes are in abundance. Hiking trips are mind training and lung purifying activities.

So if you have other activities in mind that will surely contribute your health in general, feel free to add them on our list and take them into practice. Fat will burn, calories will be spent, health will be strengthening and restored. That is the magic of an outdoor physical activity.


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