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Fitness, Health, Running — June 6, 2011 at 6:52 pm

Insufficient Physical Activity is more dangerous than Overweight

The issue about overweight and its solutions has been through this site many a times, and it will be since the target is to eliminate the overweight problem in order to set a good healthy life. After everything we have encountered about overweight it seems it is not on top of the “food chain” of recreational problems. Several studies have been made to see weather endangered cardiovascular health is more dangerous than overweight.

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Around 800 people were tested in such a study, and all of them have survived previous heart attack, chest pain or some cardiovascular surgery. Every single one of them was tested for speed, stamina, oxygen intake and etc. and all that data was compared to their bodyweight index.

The study has shown that no matter whether you have an overweight problem or not, if you are not keen on some type of physical activity, that health problems have more chances of rising to the surface.
The fact that overweight people are physical active is not front-page news these days. Many people enjoy various physical activities even though body weight gives them few problems. But let’s not forget that motivation plays a great role in these people. Highly motivated levels for physical activity will stabilize the heart function, regulate food metabolism, strengthen muscles and most importantly reduce body weight in both numbers and appearance.

Physical activity is the best thing for cardiovascular activity – period! Activating in any type of sport just for fun on a regular basis will do miracles for your health. Issues and concerns about overweight will not be part of your agenda. So enjoy your workout and activity wherever and whatever it is.


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